3 Reasons to choose a Bed and Breakfast

“A bed and breakfast is a small lodging establishment that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast, but usually does not offer other meals.”

Sounds like a good enough definition right? Uhhh . . . not really . . . it’s missing quite a lot. Let’s fill you in. Here’s our definition and three reasons to choose a Bed and Breakfast accommodation when visiting Trinidad and Tobago!

A B & B should have a non-cliché home away from home feel with really personalized care and extra special part-of-the-family kind of service. It shouldn’t feel like you’re staying in a Hotel even though the price may be the same and breakfast . . . breakfast should be the highlight of your stay!

Reasons to choose a B & B for business, pleasure, family vacation and everything in between.

Money doesn’t grow on trees . . .

'Breakfast of champions'

More than likely the cost for accommodation at a B & B is less than a Hotel and . . . breakfast is on the house . . . or at least it should be right? After all it’s a Bed . . . . and . . . Breakfast. You’re also more likely to be offered some local-welcome-to-our-country-popular-dish as well as have access to a complimentary beverage station. And if you did a really good job at choosing the perfect place  . . . you should have access to a fully equipped kitchen as well. 

Spoilt by choice . . .

Complimentary Beverage Station

B & B’s are either family run or staffed with a small intimate group. This means you get all the attention! That includes actually meeting and speaking with the owner . . . that’s right . . . when last did you meet the owner of your Hotel choice? And what’s to gain in that? Uhhh . . . nothing much . . . just advice on the best local attractions, deals, favourite spots and connections to special prices . . . who needs that right?

More than just leave the light on for you . . .

B & B’s take it up a notch. There’s actually someone there to meet and greet you  . . . even in the ‘wee hours of the morning’ . . . and they greet you by name. Because B & B’s typically have a small number of guests to care for, they’re more likely to know who you are . . . what you’re about and any special care that you need . . . like if you’re a Vegetarian or have some sort of allergy . . . or maybe your kid only eats cereal and milk for breakfast . . . not a problem at all!


Are B & B’s for everyone?

Not really . . . if you’re looking for an all night cocktail/karaoke lounge or late night room service then a B & B is not for you. But if you’re up for being pampered with special care and attention coupled with a safe family atmosphere, comfortable clean rooms and fantastically scrumptious breakfast and don’t forget the priceless advice from the local owner then BINGO! Start looking for your B & B of choice!

About Thannas

Thanna's Place is a family-owned bed and breakfast in Belmont, a suburb of Trinidad's capital Port of Spain.
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