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Thanna's Place is a family-owned bed and breakfast in Belmont, a suburb of Trinidad's capital Port of Spain.
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Trinidad Carnival

So you’re finally getting the opportunity to experience the Greatest Show on the Earth! But guess what? Your visit to Trinidad and Tobago will be more than just that! Here are a few pointers to ensure your experience is worth your time and money! Taste the flavours You’re here to experience the islands, so skip Ronald’s Double […]

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Sunny Side Up

All about Trinidad and Tobago Carnival: D’ feting start

So it begins. The feting. The whining. The liming. The drinking. The jumping. The waving. The misbehaving. From Boxing Day to Ash Wednesday the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago will come alive with sights and sounds that can only be heard during the Greatest Show on Earth! For most Trinidadians the next month will call for […]

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Where to eat in Trinidad and Tobago?

What makes living in Trinidad so ‘sweet’? FOOD . . . FOOD AND MORE FOOD, among many other things of course! It’s true, Trinis love to cook food, eat food and sharing? That’s not a problem! So if you’re travelling to Trinidad and Tobago don’t rob yourself of this gastronomical experience of a lifetime. But […]

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If you love wildlife, you’ll love this place! As a matter of fact, anyone who enjoys being outdoors should visit this Nature Centre. The rich wildlife is obvious miles before reaching Asa Wright.  As you drive up the Arima Valley there are Parrots calling out as they fly over head, birds of every imaginable colour, Iguanas […]

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How to get to Maracas Beach

“We want to go to Maracas . . .  how do we get there?” “Can I take public transport to Maracas Bay?” “Can I hire a Taxi?””Are there buses that go to Maracas Beach?” “¿Cómo llegar a la playa de Maracas, Trinidad?” “Comment se rendre à Maracas Beach, Trinidad?” “Wie man auf Maracas Beach, Trinidad […]

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Calle Charlotte

There’s only one place you’ll find open any day, any time . . . where you can purchase anything from fruits to shoes to kitchen appliances to dog chow all the way to salted fish, fresh coconuts and local souvenirs! A bargain hunters dream . . . busy Charlotte Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad & […]

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What Continental Breakfast should be

We all know what to expect when offered ‘Continental Breakfast’ . . . sliced bread with butter/jam, cheese, muffins, eggs, pancakes, fruit juice and various hot beverages . . . sigh . . . For travelers that could get very boring . . . very quickly. What Continental Breakfast is . . . at Thanna’s […]

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MovieTowne’s Enchanted Carousel Park

What has bright lights, circus music, giraffes and horses all spinning and galloping in a big circle? Duh! A merry-go-around! And guess what? Trinidad’s first ever “Enchanted Carousel” is now open in Port of Spain at the “MovieTowne Green Park”! Yippie for kids and well from the looks of it adults as well . . […]

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The Beach of Caves – Las Cuevas

There’s no doubt that Tobago has some of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the Caribbean but let’s not forget its ‘other half’ – Trinidad. One of the more popular beaches in Trinidad – Las Cuevas Bay. Reason for all the popularity? Wouldn’t you want to know . . . . . . . […]

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F.A.Q’s for Trinidad and Tobago

Here’s part II folks . . . we’re taking the saying “don’t be afraid to ask questions” to a whole new level! What should I pack when travelling to Trinidad and Tobago? Don’t worry, we have supermarkets and pharmacies so no need to pack like you’re expecting a flood or turn yourself into a mobile […]

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