Best Roti Shop in Trinidad and Tobago!

If you’re in Trinidad and heading ‘down south’ then you must stop off for Roti and Curry at the ‘Hi Way Roti Shop’!

It may be true that many countries also have Roti, or a close resemblance, but what makes the difference with Sweet TnT is the many tasty side dishes that go along with our Roti. Imagine any kind of meat, almost any type of vegetables, all seasoned with local fresh seasonings, Trini pepper and Curry Powder (a blend of ground seasonings).

According to Toute Bagai Publishing, an international publishing house for Caribbean living and food, The Highway Roti Shoppe in Freeport, Trinidad is in the top ten best Roti Shops in Trinidad and Tobago. Their selection of meats are endless and well seasoned. Service is excellent and the restaurant is kept very clean. Of course, what is probably appreciated the most is the amount of ‘sauce’ (gravy) that they serve with each meal. If you’re having your Curry with ‘Buss-up-shut’ Roti then you’ll need an ample amount of sauce to dip into. That’s one problem you’ll never find at this popular hut.

One Vege Option . . . all that sauce . . . yummm

In more recent times, the Highway Roti Shoppe has included wrapped Roti to go but we highly recommend taking the time to sit and enjoy every last bit of your meal, down to licking your fingers. If you’re not such a great fan of Curry seasoning then try their stew blend of meats. Another fantastic aspect of this modest but popular Roti Shop in the Caribbean.

Inside Tip – The Roti Shop can be accessed from the highway but we highly recommend using the Mission road access route. 

Simply take the Freeport Exit Ramp and continue straight along Mission Road until you meet Nelson Road on your right. Continue to the end of this road.

To return to the highway, take a left turn out of Nelson Road unto Mission Road and then a left unto the Soloman Hochoy Highway. 

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