Calle Charlotte

There’s only one place you’ll find open any day, any time . . . where you can purchase anything from fruits to shoes to kitchen appliances to dog chow all the way to salted fish, fresh coconuts and local souvenirs!

Fruit Stall

Fruit Stall

A bargain hunters dream . . . busy Charlotte Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago! The best place to shop in Port of Spain!

Whether you’re doing some last minute shopping for Christmas (and when we say ‘last minute’ we mean that vendors are open even on Christmas Day)  or it’s your first time visiting Sweet TnT, then make it your ‘business’ to visit this ‘one-stop, all-stop, get-everything-you’ll-ever-need busy strip in the heart of Port of Spain.

How to get there? Simply ask any person, doesn’t matter where you are in Trinidad and they’ll point you in the right direction!


. . . better to go with a small inconspicuous bag for your personal items . . .

. . . most shops and malls have several options for payment but for the street and bargain vendors, you’ll need cash . . .

. . . keep in mind that if you’re a tourist, most likely vendors may want to hike up the price a bit but don’t be timid, try your hand at the bargaining game . . .

Street Vendors

Street Vendors

. . . safety issues are the same as any typical busy market capital. Watch out for pick pockets and hold on to your shopping bags . . .

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Thanna's Place is a family-owned bed and breakfast in Belmont, a suburb of Trinidad's capital Port of Spain.
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