Carnival 2k12 is Here!

Official Launch: Just a stone’s throw away from Thanna’s Place, Bed and Breakfast is the Home of Carnival – Queen’s Park Savannah and on Saturday 10th December, 2011 with excitement and anticipation, the Official Launch of Carnival 2K12 took place.

Thinking about coming for your First ‘Trini’ Carnival Experience? Or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran who can’t stay away from the “Greatest Show on the Earth”. Nevertheless we’ve put together some information to make your trip more enjoyable.

Party Hard

Wondering where the Carnival Fetes are? What about the All Inclusive Parties? Or the Cooler Fetes? Check out this cool Calendar of Events! When you’re finished making your choices then you’re all set to purchase your Carnival Tickets.

Panorama 2k12 Finals

The Steelpan: For over 50 years the world has been captivated by the unique sounds of these oil drums. The Steelpan goes far back but has recently gained much respect as the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago. Get ready
to be captivated by the rich sounds of the steelpan. The Panorama Finals is an annual event that takes place around Carnival time. Various bands battle in the Queen’s Park Savannah for the top spot. Get ready to move your waist to “Pan” music.

Test Your Fitness

So you think you’re ready for a “Trini” Carnival experience? You may have been hitting the gym or doing some extra walking or jogging to get yourself in shape. But are you REALLY prepared for Carnival 2012? Here are a few VIDEO CLIPS to give you an idea of what you should be getting ready for .

Do’s and Dont’s

Don’t burn out before the end: Want to know how to survive one week of partying? Check out some Carnival Tips.

Sweet Soca Music

Practice makes perfect: Check out some of the new Soca songs for 2012. Turn up the volume and practice your ‘wining’ skills before you hit the streets of Port of Spain!

Carnival Cool Down!

What to do when the fete is over: So you’ve jumped and waved and misbehaved. Now you’re tired and ready to relax. Wondering where to go?

Check out the famous Ash Wednesday Cooldown Fete at Maracas Beach. Or take a cruise on the Treasure Queen. Looking to venture further. How about a Coast to Coast Tour?


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