Chaguaramas is . . . the place to be

“To be a world-class Eco-tourism destination . . . we hope to succeed in attracting new families, couples, athletes and recreation seekers to the peninsula, where you can be assured of a safe, clean and secured environment . . . that is Chaguaramas… the place to be.”

With a vision like that, everyone’s excited! The Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) has always been a leader for Eco-Tourism in Trinidad and Tobago. In 2011, they captured the top award for the Best Kept Heritage Landscape. The Gasparee Caves on the island of Gasparee Grand, maintained by the CDA, contributed to T&T receiving the World’s Best Tourist Destination for 2012!

So what’s the latest with the CDA and the Chaguaramas Ecotourism Park?

Port of Spain to Chaguaramas Water Taxi Service

As of July 2013, water taxi service from POS to Chaguaramas is available on weekends and public holidays, of which there are many in Sweet TnT! This is great news! The Chaguaramas pennisula has always been a top destination for those seeking weekend getaways full of adventure and relaxation! Because of recent upgrades to the area, many persons now make Chaguaramas their weekend spot. The new water taxi service, provides a quick, cheap way for persons to get to all the action and is sure to ease the traffic congestion!

POS – Chaguaramas Service Schedule 

Bamboo Cathedral

ZIP Line and Canopy Walk

ZIPITT adventure group has paired up with the CDA to provide zip lining at the Macqueripe Beach Facility in Chaguaramas. The tour costs TT$120.00 and includes 7 zip lines, and 5 canopy walks (net bridges). This is an excellent opportunity to be as close as you can get to TnT’s natural beauty!

ZIP Line Information for Chaguaramas 

Chaguaramas Boardwalk

Definitely Trinidad’s new hotspot! And with only Phase one complete, we look forward to the planned extension of over 4000 feet with added attractions and recreational activities! NICE!

Boardwalk Information

Golf Course Resort at Tucker Valley- (coming soon)

Now this should be good! The plan is to replace the present golf course with a first class Golf Course Resort Complex!

A world class eco-tourism destination in the making! Don’t miss out.

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