Driving in Trinidad and Tobago

So you’re planning to visit ‘Sweet TnT’ and thinking about driving yourself around? Great idea. What is driving like in Trinidad and Tobago?

Be in the know

Driving down town Port of Spain

  1. In Trinidad and Tobago, we drive on the left.
  2. Not everyone obeys the laws. Rule of thumb – Don’t trust anybody! Drive for the other driver!
  3. If you’re driving behind a Taxi or Maxi, expect that they may suddenly pull to the side, to collect passengers, with or without the use of ‘blinkers’.
  4. Overtaking on a two-way street, around a corner is not a rear event. Be sure to keep an eye on your side and rear-view mirrors.
  5. Pedestrians can be a bit bold-faced and presumptuous. Pay special attention especially when driving through the cities and down town areas.
  6. It’s not unusual for drivers to use their horn excessively. So don’t be alarmed if the driver behind you is honking simply because you’re driving too slow for his comfort.
  7. It’s ‘normal’ for persons to push the front of their vehicle out just a bit when attempting to turn unto a main road from a minor, do take the necessary precautions.
  8. Many Trinbagonian drivers take drastic measures to avoid ‘potholes’ and other disturbances on the surface of the roads. So watch out for their ‘Fast and Furious’ stunts!
  9. If you’re a bit new to the ‘driving world’, your skills will definitely be sharpened after your visit. It’s quite typical for some minor roads to be narrow as well as have cars parked on both sides. So pull in those side mirrors and have a go why not?

On a more serious note

  • Seatbelts are a must! That includes securing minors and toddlers appropriately.
  • Parking restrictions ARE enforced!
  • Driving under the influence is an absolute NO!
  • Driving without a permit or insurance is a serious offense!
  • Use of mobile devices while driving is not taken lightly!
  • Test your knowledge for driving in TnT.

Of course, there are other laws but these are just some that you should absolutely know about. For those who speak the ‘legalese language’ check out a complete list of Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Acts of Trinidad and Tobago.

Quick tips

Road to Maracas Beach, Trinidad

  • Most Car Rental companies have some sort of GPS navigation system installed in their vehicles. You can also make use of Google Maps, they are quite accurate. For those with Android devices, there is an App that is very detailed and extremely accurate (surprisingly more than Google). It’s called MapFactor Navigator.
  • Play it safe. Rent a car with automatic transmission.
  • Inspect your rental car to ensure it is road safe.
  • A defensive driver is a safe driver. Defensive driving tips.





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