Earth Day in Trinidad and Tobago

In over 192 countries, one billion people will be participating in the 43rd edition of Earth Day.

In an attempt to raise awareness for the health of our planet, many will take part in community campaigns and other awareness events. Wondering how you can attend?

There are many activities taking place around the world.

“In Copenhagen, Denmark—as well as in six other cities on five continents—the Danish Cultural Institute is organizing its annual CO 2 Green Drive Project in honor of Earth Day. Runners, walkers, bikers, and skaters are using their cities as canvasses to spell “CO 2“ with GPS devices.”

“In Argentina, volunteers from the Surfrider Foundation are cleaning up the local beaches and planting evergreens and Tamarisk shrubs to help prevent wind and water erosion.”

“5,000 miles to the northeast, in Ghana, The Rural Education and Development Programme (REDEP) is hosting a three-part event that includes a community clean-up, a “Face of Climate Change” theatre production, and an environmentally-themed essay contest.”

In Trinidad and Tobago the Environmental Management Authority will be hosting several information booths at Schools throughout the country. So be sure to visit so that you can do your part.

Earth Day may be celebrated on just one day but there is much you can do. Learn how you can reduce your carbon footprint. Take part in clean-up campaigns. Look out for community projects. Make sure you do your part.

What’s my Carbon Footprint?

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