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Local Cuisine

Trinidad and Tobago is well known for its tasty dishes. We have a wide variety of herbs, seasonings and spices that give our dishes their distinct flavours.

Our world famous “shark and bake’ sandwich is guaranteed to make your top 5 best sandwiches ever! Why not try some “Sada and Baigan choka”? Better yet, visit our Blog regularly to learn of more must have dishes.

Below are some traditional breakfast dishes that we recommend you try.

Breakfast dishes


A popular street food, made with two flat fried breads or “bara” and filled with curried chick peas or ‘channa’, you have the choice of adding cucumber, coconut, tamarind and mango chutney to a herbed sauce locally called ‘shadon beni’. Top this off with some local pepper sauce (ranging from ‘slight’ to ‘plenty’) and we guarantee culinary satisfaction.

Quick Tip: Tell the ‘doubles man’ you are having it now and ensure doubles is real hot.

We recommend: Sauce Doubles (Curepe) Rita’s Doubles (Long Circular)

Sada Bake & Choka (pronounced: cho-ca)

Tomato Choka

Sada is made with white flour and cooked on a ‘tawa’ (a round, flat piece of metal used in Indian cooking). Local favourites include tomato, baigan (eggplant), pumpkin and other vegetable ‘chokas’ or pastes.

Quick Tip: Ask for garlic sauce.

We recommend: Shari’s Shop (Tragarete Road)

Saltfish Buljol (pronounced: bull-jol)

Granny's Saltfish Recipe

Traditionally served on a Sunday, this salad is made from shredded salt fish or slated cod cooked with tomatoes, garlic, onions, sweet peppers, pepper, shadon beni and other seasonings. Because of the burst of flavours coming from this dish, it is often eaten with simple breads like ‘fry bake’, sliced bread or try it with some Hops bread!

Quick Tip: Flavour enhanced when devoured with ‘ah piece a Avocado!

We recommend: Shari’s Shop (Tragarete Road), Curry Corner (Ariapita)