Eight Wonder of the World from Sweet TnT?

A 105 foot tall statue towers  2300 feet above the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. From space, a meandering line traces 5500 miles across deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus. Known as one of the greatest works of Roman architecture and engineering, the world’s largest amphitheatre played host to some of the most bloodiest Gladiator Games.

What do all these places have in common? They are some of the worlds most spectacular sites known as the “Seven Wonders of the World!” (the new world that is). The original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is ‘another kettle of fish’ altogether. Brilliant feats of engineering brilliance!

Taj Mahal, India

So, the question is, who will be the Eight Wonder to stand beside these marks of human ingenuity? will have the answer come October, 2013. Over 200 sites have been nominated. Among some are the ‘Gardens by the Bay‘ in Singapore, ‘Gateway Arch‘ in St Louis, ‘Mount Thor‘ on Baffin Island and . . . (drum role please . . . brrrr . . . ba dum ba dum . . . ta . . daaa) . . . the ‘Hanuman Murti’ in Trinidad and Tobago! 

Hanuman statue in Trinidad

It’s no match for the 100 foot ‘Christ the Redeemer’ statue in Rio de Janeiro but it is the largest of such statue outside of India, in the Western Hemisphere! Standing erect at 85 feet, the murti of the Hindu warrior ape Karya Siddhi Hanuman has an architectural style (South India) that is unmatched in the Caribbean! The followers of guru Sri Swamiji had it built to express gratitude to their master – for the realization that the Caribbean island was once situated on the Ganges (as taught by Swamiji). Fourteen special stonemasons were flown in from India to add to the intricacies of this towering giant. Worshiped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion, devotees visit from as far as India to pay respects to their sacred warrior.

Is it a ‘Wonder of World’? We’ll see what happens soon. Vote for your ‘Eight Wonder of the World’ here.

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