Sweet T&T

What to do in Trinidad and Tobago?

Found just off the coast of Venezuela this twin island state boasts having picturesque coastlines and an active night life. Whether you’re planning a mellow vacation, arranging a business trip or looking for some action, Trinidad and Tobago should definitely be on your list.

Down D’Islands

For those seeking adventure 

Which would you prefer? Adventure by water, land or air? If you’re up for hiking, we have many forest trails that lead you deep into untouched areas. Stay on the path or wonder off in search of hidden waterfalls and beaches, it’s entirely up to you!

Or would you prefer to try zip lining over the forest canopy for quick glimpses of the flora and fauna?

For you Eco-lovers

Being so closely situated to the South American continent has many advantages! TnT’s biodiversity is one of the richest in the Caribbean. Ever seen a Pawi Bird? Probably not because it’s endemic to Trinidad and Tobago.

Or imagine spending a night on Grande Riviere Beach with a 1500 lb Leatherback Turtle as she lays over a hundred eggs?

Up for getting wet? Hop on over to Speyside, Tobago and visit the largest single brain coral colony in the world!

The longer you stay in Trinidad and Tobago, the more there is to see!

Taste the Cultural Rainbow!

Some of the locals say ‘all ah we is one family’ but when it comes to culture, we couldn’t be any more different. The culture of Trinidad and Tobago is described as a ‘callaloo pot’–real mix up!


Prepare yourself to experience a taste of Spanish, African, Indian, Chinese, French and British. And when they say a ‘taste‘, they mean it. Trinbagonians have ‘sweet hand’ for so! From Curry and Roti . . . to Crab and Dumplings . . . to Pastelles . . . there’s no lacking flavour on these twin islands!

If you’re up to all the action . . . we’re up to helping with the planning. We can arrange tours, transportation and more.*

Inside Scoop –

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