Explore Belmont, the first suburb of Port of Spain

Explore Belmont

Thanna’s Place, Bed and Breakfast is located in a residential area of the capital, Port of Spain.

Formerly a sugar estate, Belmont became the first suburb of the capital city. It is in this area that the Africans, rescued from illegal slave ships, first settled in the 1840’s.

The area was characteristic of narrow, winding lanes and small wooden houses. By the 1890’s however, this area became developed and populated by the black professional class and was known then as “Black St. Clair”.

Belmont boasts having been the birth place of many key sports personnel and Carnival enthusiasts. Some great cricketers born here are Charles Davis, Ian Bishop and Andy Ganteaume.

Belmont has also produced many “steelband” orchestras including the earlier recognized “The Rising Sun Steel Orchestra” and the more recent “Casablanca, Pandemonium and Hy Larks”.

Playing a very important role in Carnival, Calypsonians are known for their witty lyrics and unique theatrics. Some significant Calypsonians born in Belmont include the Mighty Shadow and David Rudder both of whom have been crowned calypso king for many years.

Today Belmont remains a popular residential area. A quick five minute walk to the savannah and a short “taxi” ride into town make this quiet community a popular tourist home destination!

What’s Nearby?

A short stroll from Thanna’s Place takes you to the Queen’s Park Savannah, known to be the largest round about in the world! Formerly a sugar estate, it was purchased from the Peschier family and now serves as a meeting place for football, rugby, cricket and other fitness enthusiasts.

Heading in an anti-clockwise direction to the north, you will meet the official residences of the President and the Prime Minister, Queen’s Hall, The Royal Botanical Gardens, The Emperor Valley Zoo and Lady Chancellor Hills.

Continuing to the western side you will find the Magnificent Seven – a line of Victorian style buildings that have been preserved for their history and architecture.

The southern side, the home of the Carnival celebration is also lined with fine dining and fast food restaurants and the famous “Street Food Gap”.

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