What to do, what to do

Getting Around

A 40 minute drive from the airport brings you to Thanna’s Place. Though situated in a quiet community, you have the advantage of being ‘in the middle of the all the action’.

A 10 minute taxi drive takes you into the heart of the capital. For those seeking adventure and excitement, a 5 minute walk to the Queen’s Park Savannah will satisfy all curiosity.

A 10 minute walk along the Southern Queen’s Park Savannah, takes you to Cipriani Boulevard – a strip offering restaurants, outdoor seating at our trini bars, bank and night club.

Feeling for a little “lime”- hang out in the popular areas? A 10 minute drive west takes you to Ariapita Avenue or St. James – a boulevard with a variety of restaurants, trini style bars and lounges.

What about some clubbing? A 5 minute drive takes you to the famous ’51 Degrees’ night club.

Ready for a tan? A 30- 40 minute drive takes you to the northern coast of Trinidad where you can visit the famous Maracas Beach. Why not try our renowned ‘bake and shark’ sandwich, featured on the Food Network.

Continuing along the north coast, adventure awaits the nature enthusiasts. Challenge yourself on our many nature trails stretched out along our northern ridge. Visit the famous ‘Swinging Bridge’ at Blanchisseuse or Kayak up the Marianna River.