Get Going

Touring Sweet TnT

Queen’s Park Savannah

City tour

Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, is full of history! Much of which is seen in the architecture, cuisine and culture. Tour the heart of this bustling and thriving ‘down town’ area. Circle the world’s largest round-about, Queen’s Park Savannah. Or peep over at our close neighbours, Venezuela, from Fort George. This tour is much more than just a ‘tour of the city’!

Hiking Tours

A great way to experience the natural aspect of ‘Sweet TnT’ while burning off those pounds gained from eating Roti and Doubles! Trinidad offers a range of hiking trails that vary greatly in terrain and experience level. From underground limestone caves to a gruelling trek to the summit of the second highest peak in Trinidad and Tobago – El Tucuche, to the many waterfalls and rivers. Who knows . . . you might be the one to discover the next river or waterfall.

Chaguaramas Tour

Found on the North West Pennisula of Trinidad, this tourist hotspot has evolved much over the years. Originally an American Naval Base, Chaguaramas now serves as a Recreational Eco-Park. From the National Parks to the newest addition, the ‘Boardwalk’, or a relaxing morning at the public Golf Course, Chaguaramas is . . . the place to be!

The Boardwalk

Down ‘D’Islands Tour

Off the coast of Trinidad’s North West Pennisula are group of islands which form a sort of archipelago. Trinbagonians use these nearby islands for beach trips, weekend getaways, fishing, water sporting events, hiking, camping and much more. The islands make for long discussions as they have once been used to support a leper colony, a whaling station and a cotton plantation. It also housed almost 1000 US soldiers during the Second World War.

Turtle Watching

Turtle Hatchling

One of the most exciting times in Trinidad and Tobago—Turtle Watching Season. From March – September the Leatherback Turtles journey to the shores of TnT, the second largest nesting grounds for Leatherbacks, in search of quiet beaches to lay their eggs. The best months to see these hatchlings are July and August which coincide with summer vacation! Make sure to plan your stay around this time. You won’t want to miss out.

Swinging Bridge

North coast excursion

A winding drive along the Maracas Road takes you through lush green forests and towering cliffs along the North Coast. After about 20 – 30 minutes you descend into Maracas Bay, one of the more popular beaches in TnT! Try one of the world’s best sandwiches, Bake and Shark or some local sweets like ‘Chip Chip’ and ‘Red Mango’. Be sure to stock up well for the rest of the day. You’ll be continuing on to Las Cuevas Bay, La Filette Village and the popular century old ‘Swinging Bridge’ in Blanchisseuse. Along the way you get the history of the area and numerous opportunities to shoot some of the most breath taking pictures!

Optional: Kayak the Marianne River or visit some of the waterfalls.