How To Spend 24 hours in Trinidad Part 2!

The Conservative 24-hour Traveller

So you’ve touched down safe and sound and now you’re wondering how to get around? Three options:

  • Hire a private taxi (don’t let them ‘buss your pocket’, in fact tell them ‘don’t buss ya pocket’)
  • Wait for the PTSC Bus Service (can’t vouch for their reliance but it’s only TT4.00 or US.15 cents or GBP .09 cents! Sweet huh?)
  • Pre-arrange your airport transfers with your accommodation choice (most of them offer this service)

Where to? The capital!

What about breakfast? Try some delicious local delights @ Pêche Pâtisserie. Lobster & Eggs, Eggs Norwegian or the “Local Trio” of Buljol, Bhaji and Tomato Choka.  The menu is also backed up by flawless freshly-baked croissants, pastries, brioche and breads, as well as excellent coffee and tea drinks.

What’s next? A calorie burn!

A quick walk through the nation’s capital (down town) gives you a great opportunity to meet the locals and do a bit of bargain shopping (trini style) while you mosey on up to the Queens Park Savannah to see some of the great tourist attractions in Port of Spain!

It’s the largest round about in the world by the way. So you’ll be spending at least till Noon here. You’ve got the National Museum, Memorial Park, National Academy for Performing Arts, the Magnificent Seven, the Emperor Valley Zoo, Botanical Gardens . . . hufff . . . need we say more?

Stay tuned for more . . .  

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Thanna's Place is a family-owned bed and breakfast in Belmont, a suburb of Trinidad's capital Port of Spain.
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