How To Spend 24 hours in Trinidad Part 1!

So there’s always the usual prearranged, prepackaged tours where you can see and learn quite a bit about Trinidad and Tobago. But if you really wanna taste ‘Sweet TnT’ you gotta get down and dirty and by the way . . .  really sweaty as well! After all, we are in the Caribbean!

For the casual traveller we recommend a quick internet search for the larger Tour Companies and Travel Agencies, who would do a great job at setting up your trip. But for you guys who like mingling with the locals, not doing the ordinary and especially for those of you with tough stomachs, here’s some great tips!

Ensure you get as much sleep on the your flight because as you land, it’s time to hit the road!


Three rules for the day:

  • Always blend in with the locals.
  • Never say you’re lost.
  • And always say ‘Yea man, I have some family down here.’


Stay tuned for: The Conservative 24-hour traveller . . .


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