Trinidad Food – ‘I-tal’ (pronounced ‘eye’-tal”) Food

The word “I-tal”  is derived from the English word “vital”, with the initial syllable replaced by i. I-Tal Food is most popular in the Rastafari Movement but has become a favourite of many Trinis. The main goal being to avoid foods which contain additives, preservatives or genetically modified ingredients. I-tal Food also involves strict adherence to a vegetarian diet. Because of this many vegetarians enjoy eating at I-tal restaurants.

What’s the best part? Trinidad is a Vegetarian’s Paradise! Because of the rich agricultural soils and relatively stable seasons, at any given point in the year a very large variety of vegetables, fruits, provision (starches), herbs, seasonings and spices are available.


Quick Tip: Ask for local fruits and vegetables that are in season and TRY THEM!

We recommend: Chinkies (St. James)



Trinidad and Tobago featured on US Television series Bizarre Foods

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