Trinidad Food – Pelau (pronounced pay-la-w)

So, you’re in Trinidad and you and your ‘posse’ are planning a  ‘river’ or beach lime for the weekend. You’re told to make lunch, what to cook?

Pelau! Locally called “ah fas’ cook” this popular dish can be made with any meat of choice, peas, rice, seasonings and fresh coconut milk! Probably one of the easiest Trini dishes to learn! So what do you do?

Quick Tip: Try swapping the traditional ‘chicken with some  “wild meat” (Agouti, Lappe, Deer etc.) and some ‘cole slaw’ (cabbage, carrot salad) is a MUST as a side dish!

Simple huh? OH, we almost forgot. Don’t forget the HOT PEPPER. What’s the best one? HOMEMADE PEPPER SAUCE!

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