Trinidad Food- Sunday Lunch!

As we say in Trinidad, this is a ‘eat till ya belly buss dish!’

But beware—make sure you have about 3 – 4 hours after devouring this meal, cause you won’t be able to do anything but sleep!

So what should you expect? How about Callaloo, Macaroni Pie, Corn Pie, Stew Chicken, Red Beans, Cole Slaw, the length of the list depends on ‘ya belly’!

For those of you who judge food by how it looks don’t be fooled. Callaloo may look like a concoction of green goey bush BUT! You’re in for a treat. It’s made with fresh locally grown Dasheen Bush, Ochro (elongated star shaped seed pod), Pumpkin, Garlic, Local Seasonings, Hot Local Pepper and of course Coconut Milk! Take a peek at this video!

What about the solid stuff? Well, that’s where the Macaroni and Corn Pie comes in. Marconi Pie is an ensemble of pasta, local cheese, evaporated milk and egg baked in the oven. And to go with the pie–some Stew Chicken with plenty gravy! Stew Chicken is made by browning sugar and adding heavily seasoned meat. Now  it’s important for the stew chciken to taste real good cause that’s the best part of this dish! Top all this off with some tasty peas or beans and tasty coleslaw and ‘ya good to go!”

Now there is a story behind this dish. It’s a tradition that Sundays are usually the one day in the week when the family will have some time to sit down together and have a meal. Fathers and Mothers usually start early with the preparations and the young ones are usually involved as moms teach them a thing or two about ‘bubbling a pot’.

Quick Tip: Of course—add some local Hot Pepper Sauce!

Best way to try this dish: Make some Trini friends and tell them you’re coming to visit on Sunday!

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