Quick Facts about Trinidad and Tobago!

Do I need a visa to come to Trinidad and Tobago? What language do they speak in Trinidad? What is the exchange rate?

Don’t worry help is on the way!

Is Trinidad in the US?

Many people confuse Trinidad, Colorado with Trinidad and Tobago. There can only be one ‘Sweet TnT’ and it’s located in the southernmost part of the Caribbean, a couple miles off of the coast of Venezuela. Our location has many advantages – very few Hurricanes and all the action of South America just a hop away!

Does it snow in Trinidad and Tobago?

Thankfully, no. Some may not share such optimism though. Probably because the weather has been HOT in recent years! Like ‘bake in the sun’ kind of hot. But, thankfully it’s breezy most times.

There are two seasons in Trinidad and Tobago – Wet and Dry. Wet – June through to December. Dry – January to May. Though lately the dry season tends to go longer with a shorter wet season. The average temperature is 32°C (89°F) which doesn’t fluctuate much at all. (What should I wear in Trinidad and Tobago?)

What do I need to know if traveling to Trinidad and Tobago?

You’ll need a passport that is valid  for a minimum of 6 months from your date of entry into TnT. Depending on your nationality, you may or may not need a visa. (Do I need a visa to Travel to Trinidad and Tobago?) 

We speak English, our currency is TT Dollars. (What’s the exchange rate in Trinidad and Tobago?) and we are four hours behind the Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT -4)Yes, we have running water and electricity, generally a good infrastructure with some exceptions.

If you plan on driving, we drive on the left but beware, there are some crazy drivers out there.

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