Sweet Trini Parang in November and December!

For those residing in Trinidad and Tobago, the end of the year means Pastelles, Ponche de Creme and PARANG! And boy oh boy do Trinis like their Parang. So if you’re wondering what to do in Trinidad and Tobago around this time of the year, just come prepared to try a lot of great tasting food/ drinks and sway to the beat of this addictive local folk music.

Almost every sidewalk cafe, restaurant pub and traditional ‘liming’ spot will be host to live parang groups throughout the next two months. But there are a few concerts that you won’t want to miss.

  • November 17th: Soca Parang Christmas Fete. Info / Baila 3: Parang vs Salsa. Info
  • Novenber 24th: Soca Parang Competition – The Renaissance. Info
  • November 25th: Fiesta De Aguinaldos. Info
  • December 7th: Alegria –  A Parang and Pork Lime. Info
  • December 8th: Parang-Soca Kings in Concert. Info
  • December 15th: People’s Choice Parang Competition. Info

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