The Beach of Caves – Las Cuevas

Trinidad's North Coast

There’s no doubt that Tobago has some of the most beautiful and popular beaches in the Caribbean but let’s not forget its ‘other half’ – Trinidad. One of the more popular beaches in Trinidad – Las Cuevas Bay. Reason for all the popularity? Wouldn’t you want to know . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . okay fine we’ll ‘spill all the beans’ about “The beach of Caves” – Las Cuevas Beach!

Its neighbour bay, Maracas, may be the number one beach destination for Trinidadians but to many Las Cuevas Beach remains the perfect spot. The waters are the calmest of all on the North Coast and allows for great swimming and beach going activities.

Calm waters @ Las Cuevas Beach

Stretching almost 2 miles across the cresent-shaped bay, the beach has several caves dotted along the western end. Supposedly used as hiding spots for pirates and smugglers, today the caves are perfect ‘siesta spots’ for beach goers and the occasional beach dog.

On the eastern end there are lifeguards on duty from 10am – 6pm daily. The Las Cuevas Beach Facility can also be found, which has restrooms/ changing rooms, a snack bar, tables, benches and vehicular parking. Also, if you’re looking for some ‘fresh catch’ for dinner, you can also visit the small fishing community on the eastern end of the bay.

Across from the Beach Facility there is a Beach Lodge that offers accommodation as well as a

Cave @ the beach

restaurant. As for reviews on the hotel . . . we’ll leave that up to you . . . you can check out what others have to say on Tripadvisor.

So there you have it . . . calm water . . . sandy beach . . . lifeguards . . . beach facilities . . . food and drink outlet . . . the perfect beach . . . oh! Just one thing . . . the sandflies also seem to love visiting Las Cuevas, so do not under any circumstances forget to bring some sort of repellent . . . see you there!






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