The what, why, how, when, where, who guide to Trinidad and Tobago

Having been in the business of Travel and Tourism for as long as we have, sometimes you’re asked strange questions like, “Do you guys have restaurants and supermarkets down in Trinidad and Tobago? . . . hummm . . . no comment . . .

Most questions though are legitimate. So here’s our Frequently Asked Questions guide to Trinidad and Tobago.

How do I travel to Trinidad and Tobago?

Which do you prefer – flying or swimming? Just kidding . . . many major airlines frequent these twin islands several times a week. You can fly into the Piarco International Airport in Trinidad or A.N.R Robinson International Airport in Tobago. As for travelling by sea . . . some Caribbean Cruises include a stop off in TnT . . . so check with your travel agent.

Engliahman's Bay, Tobago

Do I need a passport and/or visa to travel to Trinidad and Tobago

Yes, you will need a passport (valid for three months beyond your intended stay) as well as a return ticket and a proper local address . . . this applies to business travellers as

well as tourists. Some countries do not require a visa but we highly suggest you check with the ‘big shots’ . . . Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of National Security (Immigration Division).

If I fly into Tobago, how do I get to Trinidad?

Our suggestion . . . escape for a couple days in Tobago, home of the second best rated beach in the Caribbean – Englishman’s Bay! When you’re ready to hop across to Trinidad (if you haven’t already fallen in love with Tobago’s people, places and food) you can take the Trinidad and Tobago Inter-Island Ferry Service or catch a flight with Caribbean Airlines.

Should I take the ferry or plane between Trinidad and Tobago?

TnT Inter Island Ferry Service

Definitely . . . . the ferry. If you’re departing from Tobago, you’ll be heading south to Trinidad and west along its north coast for a couple hours before taking a sling shot turn around the Chaguaramas peninsula to dock at the port of Port of Spain. Yes, the flight to Trinidad from Tobago takes less time but . . . . do you really want to miss out on seeing massive metamorphic bedrock cliffs and . . . well . . . in other words . . . the view is spectacular!

To be continued . . . 





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