Things to do in Tobago – Visit the Nylon Pool

If you’re planning a trip to Tobago, the Nylon Pool should be at the top of your list . . . along with trying some Crab and Dumpling of course. Can’t skip that out!
Nylon Pool, Tobago

So what’s so great about this place? How about the fact that it’s not your typical ‘beach’ but rather a small area miles off the coast, surrounded by clear waters with a white sandy bottom and a deep blue roof! This place is natures beauty at its best!

Some say the water is always warm because of the crumbled coral sand at the bottom which absorbs heat from the sun. I must admit, the few times I’ve been there, the water really was warm. The locals also say women can rub the sand on their skin to reverse the aging process! As to this one, I can’t say I’ve seen any changes in the mirror yet!





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