Things to do in Trinidad – Galera Point

Okay, so you may not necessarily be standing ‘at the edge of the world’ but it sure feels that way when you’re gazing off the cliffs at Galera Point, Trinidad. Tightly tucked away in the north-easternmost corner of Trinidad, the cliffs at Galera Point protrude into the ocean which seems to go on and on for miles . . .

The only reminder of where you are is the historic lighthouse, called Galera Point, Toca Lighthouse.  Constructed on these stunning cliffs in 1897, by the British, it stood as a warning for ships venturing near to the rocky area. By the way, there’s no bathing in this area. The waters below are cold and rough!

Today, the lighthouse no longer serves as a beacon for mariners but instead attracts hundreds of visitors, both local and foreign. A two hour drive (from Port of Spain) along forests, coconut plantations, coasts, villages and beautiful old houses brings you to this historic area. The Lighthouse has been refurbished and repairs have been done to the surrounding area. Visitors can take advantage of the picnic tables and parking facilities.

Local legend has it that a dragon lives in a cave just below the cliffs but this one you’ll have to see that for self! We highly recommend a visit to this beautiful area. 


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