Things to do in Trinidad – Mysterious Chacachacare

For those of you who were addicted to ABC’s hit TV Show LOST (2004 – 2010), this place is Trinidad’s very own ‘mysterious island’.

The largest of small islands found off the north-western coast of Trinidad, Chacachacare is well known for housing a leper colony in the beginning at the 20th century.

However, it seems like with every visit to Chacachacare you’re left with more questions and secrets, than answers. Not to say this place is ‘haunted’ or unexplainable, but rather there is so much history on this small island, it’s hardly likely you’ll get it all on one visit!

The island’s  history goes even further back than the leper colony to the island’s original inhabitants–the Amerindians. Mixed in somewhere is the story of a whaling station and something about the independence of Venezuela. There’s also mention about a cotton plantation and a family of monkeys.

As to that story, we’re not about to spell it out for you. Ask us about visiting Chacachacare, we’re sure you’ll thank us for it later.

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