Things To Do In Trinidad – The Rugged North-East Coast

You may not get clear blue crystal waters as Tobago or rolling waves and Bake and Shark from Maracas Bay but . . . the beaches on Trinidad’s North-East coast merit your visit!

Here, the violent Atlantic and Caribbean currents meet and combine, moulding the coasts into rugged cliffs and tucked away coves. The ever-changing landscape provides for photographs that make the average ‘picture taker’ look like a pro!

The most popular beaches on this side of the island are Toca, Matura, Manzanilla, Balandra, Grande Riviere, Mayaro, Saline Bay, Salybia and Sans Souci Bay.

Grande Riviere is a popular rural village which gets its name from the large river which runs through it, meeting the sea. It is also well known as the primary nesting ground for large numbers of Leatherback turtles in Trinidad.

Toco marks the tip of eastern Trinidad and is very famous for the Lighthouse at Galera Point. Like everywhere else in Trini, there is a long history here that you’ll want to ask the locals about.

Why not plan a road trip on this side?

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