Touring Trinidad and Tobago on the Know Your Country Tour!

Sponsored by the Public Transportation Service of Trinidad and Tobago, the “Know Your Country Tour” is a great opportunity to really get to know your country. Trinidad and Tobago has some really awesome places of interest that come along with interesting ‘story telling tales’! So what can you expect on the tour?

Guayaguayare, Trinidad

We had the opportunity to experience the Port of Spain to Guayaguayare trip and boy oh boy . . . there’s so much to Sweet TnT that you don’t know about. Forget travelling abroad . . . we’ve got tonnes of action right here on the mother land!

Of course we’re not about to tell you exactly what to expect, after all, that’ll take all the fun out of it. Instead, we’ll share some tips!

  • First and foremost, be sure to make really good friends with the guide and driver, it’ll pay off in the end. Yes, that means offering them food and drinks! (of course, not alcohol)
  • The buses fit 46 persons (not including the driver and tour guide). They are air-conditioned and the reclining seats are soft . . . and clean! And yes . . . the AC works well, as in ‘take-along-a-sweater kinda well’.
  • Feel free to carry a memory stick or CD with your favorite tunes (for the moments when the guides aren’t talking in addition to the fact that reception on radio stations gets a bit fuzzy in some areas of the country)
  • You can eat and drink on the bus, so stock up well.
  • And if you plan to stock well, don’t worry about restroom stops. That’s covered.
  • Depending on which tour you choose, you’ll get to stop off for about 2 – 4 hours at a beach or other interesting landmark. So take along some picnic gear and sporting ‘thingamajigs’. And for those enthusiastic ‘professional footballers’, there’s a first aid kit, so go ahead . . . you can try out the latest Ronaldo signature move.
  • Remember the first tip? That’ll come in now. Depending on how well you did, you may be able to ask for special ‘photo ops’ or stop off for souvenirs.

For prices, you can head on over to PTSC’s Know Your Country Tour (KYCT) website. But don’t fuss too much about the price, it’s worth it. Get your group together and get to ‘Know your country’!

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