Travelling to Trinidad and Tobago (part 2)

In our previous blog on travelling to Trinidad and Tobago, you got an idea of what to expect while in Trinidad. But . . . . don’t be confused . . . in no way does that reflect what life is like on the sister isle of Tobago.

Geography: Remember your high school Geography teacher who made you put together a typical model of an island? Mountain ridge in the middle, hillside sloping down to the coastline which has sandy beaches, cliffs, islets and peninsulas? That pretty much describes Tobago. (**thinking to self** ” those high school classes did count for something after all!”)

Location: Easiest way to describe it . . . thirty (30) minutes taking a Caribbean Airlines flight from Trinidad OR two and a half (2 1/2) hours using the Trinidad and Tobago Interisland Ferry Service. (Quick Tip: If you’ve got your sea legs . . .  the ferryboat ride is worth it. Very scenic route!)

Weather: Just think . . . a couple short pants, spaghetti strap tops/shirts, summer beach dresses, slippers, sunblock and a pair of sunglasses! That should give you an idea of what the weather is like.

Currency: Same as Trinidad currency. . . prices tend to be slightly higher for some items.

What to do in Tobago:

Eco-Adventure: whether you prefer adventures on the land or sea, this eco-paradise has got something for you! From tropical forests to swamps, waterfalls to coral reefs . . .there’s never a dull moment. . . even when it’s raining!

Beaches: too many to choose from . . . do you prefer surfing, snorkeling or lounging? green, blue or as some say ‘clear water’?

Food: probably what you’ll remember the most of all on your trip . . .whether it’s local favorites like Crab and Dumpling and Fish Broth or international specialties, prepare yourself because Tobagonians are known for their ‘Sweet Hand’ (and they don’t mean sweet as in sugar **winks**)

Nightlife: where the real fun begins . . . street parties, beach parties, dance clubs, live entertainment, karaoke, traditional local/ folk performances, small pubs and cocktail lounges . . .(**gasp**didn’t realise there was that much action over there) Quick Tip –  every stop has a happy hour . . . your mission – find out when it is and find yourself there on time!

History and culture: sway to the beat of the drums of Tambrin music or dance the bèlè with the locals . . . think you’ve got what it takes to pull seine with the  local fishing villages? It’s something you won’t experience anywhere else!


So question for you: “Why should you come to Trinidad and Tobago?” Now you can answer that question for yourself . . .

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