Travelling to Trinidad and Tobago (part 1)

Whether you’re thinking of travelling to Trinidad and Tobago or you’re already convinced you should come . . . not to worry, here’s some helpful advice, tips and information about vacationing in beautiful Trinidad and Tobago–“ ‘islands in the sun!

TnT is made up of two islands that couldn’t contrast each other anymore than they do.

Trinidad – ‘Where the action is at!’

Geography: Geographers would say (with a foreign accent) “A mixture of Mountains and Plains”. The locals would tell you (in a Trini accent) ” Tall nice mountains . . . and we have valleys and ‘ting’. . . And big highways and buildings! We not primitive you know! We in this ting man . . .” **smirks**

Location: Ideally situated as far south as possible in the Caribbean which means all the Hurricanes and ‘bad weather’ passes us by (” and let’s hope it stays that way” **yikes**)

Weather: The experts say there are two seasons – Wet and Dry. But just to let you know right away . . . most of the year it’s very sunny and warm . . . but . . . breezy. The temperature will get as high as 32°C (  89°F) and will drop to about 20°C (68°F).

Really, what that means is cute springtime tank tops/ cool t-shirts and a comfy pair of jeans or shorts for the day time. Comfy dresses or three quarter pants and neat tops will be perfect for night time. For special occasions, by all means-“dress to impress!’ Most public transportation and buildings have air-conditioning so you’ll be safe with the turtle necks and long sleeve tops as well.

Currency: We use what is called “TT”. You’re probably wondering how much money you should bring with you to Trinidad and Tobago right?Check out one of our other articles: More info on this.

What to do in Trinidad: The real question is, what would YOU like to do?

Eat? you’re coming to right place . . .any colour, flavour, texture and smell . . . just say the word!

Party/ Festivals/ Public Holidays? start getting fit from now . . . . you’ll need it . . . as for holidays . . . we’re on the list of top 10 countries with the most number of holidays . . . **life is good in TnT**

Eco-adventure/ biodiversity?let’s put it this way, there’s a chance you’ll discover some new animal or plant . . .

History or Culture seeking? don’t think you can cover the islands in less than a week!

Business? More than you might think . . . in fact, probably more than is known. . .**hummm**

It’s clear . . . vacationing in Trinidad, Caribbean, is worth every penny!

What about the sister island? Stay tuned to our blog . . .

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