Tribute to Trinidad and Tobago National Heroes

Sweet TnT . . . beautiful culture . . . beautiful islands . . . beautiful people! When we say beautiful . . . we mean ‘Miss Universe kinda beautiful!’

It’s said by many that Trinidad and Tobago has a lot of beautiful women! And while beauty is in the eye of the beholder . . . we do have two Miss Universe titles to back that claim up.

Known to the world as the first black woman to win Miss Universe, Janelle “Penny” Commissiong stunned the world in 1977 and gave Trinbagonians another reason to party and ‘fete down d place’ (not that we ever need one). Janelle was selected to represent Trinidad and Tobago for the annual competition held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Up against a Charlie’s Angel Tv star (Farrah Fawcett), an exotic beauty (Miss Colombia) and a Latin barbie doll from Nicaragua, things looked ‘iffy’.

Refusing to return home empty handed, Janelle won the Miss Photogenic award four days before the final and that seemed to be enough to start the celebrations. Then came the real good stuff . . .

“Miss Trinidad and Tobago . . . is Miss Universe!”

Thankfully Janelle kept her composure and sweet smile for the cameras . . . Back at home in TnT . . .  there were screams . . . hugs . . . tears . . . in Port of Spain, it was like Carnival in July! She did it, she won the title and in doing so brought international attention back to her home country! She was awarded the Trinity Cross, the highest national award as well as having three postage stamps issued in her honour. She will forever remain an icon for all Trinbagonians!

Wowhoo Penny!


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