Tribute to Trinidad and Tobago National Heroes

If  some one asked you: “Who holds the record for the highest individual score in Test cricket , who would you say? What about a couple hints? He’s from Trinidad and Tobago and played on the West Indies Cricket Team . . . he’s known to many in his home country as ‘The Prince of Port-of-Spain’ . . . you must have it by now . . .

Brian Charles Lara. . . undoubtedly one of the most skilled batsmen the sport of cricket has ever seen and in TnT . . . a real sporting legend. From the time he entered the international Cricket arena in 1990 to his retirement in

His signature shot - 'Pull Shot'

2007, Lara has surely proven that though tiny in the eyes of cricket giants like Australia and South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago can be ranked among the cricket greats.

Best known for breaking the two most coveted batting records in cricket . . . he’s the only player to score more than 500 runs in a single inning in first class cricket as well as set the highest individual score in test cricket of 400*. And for non-cricket fans the * means not out . . . as in he gave up because no one could get him off the field.

If you’re visiting TnT, be sure to check out the Brian Lara Promenade in down town Port of Spain where you can view his statue . . .

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