Tribute to Trinidad and Tobago National Heroes

To talk about Calypso and not include the name David Michael Rudder would be like listening to Reggae, not knowing who Bob Marley was!

According to one of his fellow calypsonians, Leroy Calliste, aka the Black Stalin, “He is a beautiful brother, very talented. Very, very skillful. I hope a lot of the younger artistes can take a page out of his book if they want longevity in this thing we call calypso and soca music”.

Like many of Trinidad and Tobago’s traditional Calypsonians, Mr. Rudder writes his own music. Not only is he respected by many traditional artists but the younger generation of local singers have called him a living legend! Young Soca stars like Machel Montano, Kees Dieffanthanller, Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons have all had the opportunity to work personally with TnT’s best!

Today he is respected regionally as well as internationally, making him a true national gem! From his early beginning as a backup singer in calypso tents, it was very clear that this humble fella from Belmont would grow to be one of TnT’s most prized possessions, bringing international attention to this tiny Caribbean island. Eventually his raw talent and impressive song writing skills found him a spot as front vocalist for the famous band Charlie’s Roots.

Eventually ‘King David’ would go on to make many albums with international hits like Bahia Girl and collaborations with internationally acclaimed singers like Brazilian singer Margareth Menezes! In 1986 he won his first Calypso Monarch as well as the title of Road March King and winning song for Panorama finals.

From then on the hits just kept coming!

Ganges and the Nile

Trini to De Bone!

On June 29th, 2013 Rudder will be having his first major concert in 10 years! He’ll be performing songs from the sixties right up to the present. ‘He’ll perform old favourites, but fans will also experience the hidden gems. Let’s just say you’ll hear a David that few have heard before!’


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