Trinidad Carnival – Brand new Dimanche Gras!

An annual event of Trinidad Carnival celebrations, Dimanche Gras takes place the Sunday before Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Though festivities are in full swing by the time this event comes around, it’s still known as the official beginning to the two day Carnival celebrations in Trinidad and Tobago!

This year’s Dimanche Gras will see quite a bit of changes to the format, allowing for a less crowded show and a more action-packed and enjoyable night.

Instead of running straight into the J’ouvert mas, masqueraders will now be able to take in the festivities of Dimanche Gras as well as rest up a bit before heading out to J’ouvert or to the Monday Parade of the Bands. The changes will also see a separate King and Queen event as well as Calypso Monarch.

Spectators visiting this year’s show can look forward to performances from David Rudder, Rikki Jai, Sugar Aloes, Super Blue and others alike.

The night’s events will also include a musical entitled “I Am Carnival”.

“The overall idea is that the spirit of mas, pan, calypso/soca and our rhythms all reside in different places but they converge once every year to create the spectacle and wonder that is Carnival. The ‘pregnant’ Carnival spirit calls the various elements together so that the unique Trinidad and Tobago experience is ‘birthed’ once a year.” (Source)

If you’re in Trinidad for Carnival 2013, we highly recommend  a visit to this show.


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