Trinidad Carnival

So you’re finally getting the opportunity to experience the Greatest Show on the Earth! But guess what? Your visit to Trinidad and Tobago will be more than just that!

Trinidad Carnival

Trinidad Carnival –  ‘Parade of the Bands’

Here are a few pointers to ensure your experience is worth your time and money!

Taste the flavours

You’re here to experience the islands, so skip Ronald’s Double Cheeseburger and Jack Daniel’s Ribs at TGIF. Instead, try our world famous Bake and Shark or step outside the box and eat Roti and Curry with your hands. What about some Blue Food or Sunday Lunch? Try something new!

Inside scoop – Trinis cook with lots of seasonings, herbs and spices. If you think your stomach can’t take it, don’t spoil your trip. There’s no shame in playing it safe! Though we must add, you will be missing out!

View the sights and sounds

We’re all for the jumping and waving and chipping across the stage on Carnival Tuesday. But while you’re here, there’s a lot more to see! Try arriving a few days earlier or staying on a few days after Carnival Tuesday. The rich culture and biodiversity along with the many adventure trips to choose from will have you busy and leave you wanting to return sooner than planned!

Inside Scoop – Do visit Tobago if you can. Or at least Maracas!


To be continued . . . .










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