Trinidad Food – A childhood memory . . . Vienna Sausage Trini style!

Wow! To any Trinidadian, this dish brings back the ole days doesn’t it? As long as you grew up on this island, you’re bound to know what Vienna Sausage is! In fact, it’s probably one of the first dishes you learnt to make!

As much as we would like to think Vienna sausage originates from Trinidad, that’s not entirely true . . . This wiener  was invented by a butcher from  Germany who lived in Vienna, Austria hence the name . . . But what I’m sure originates from our island are the unique recipes! Basically, Trinis cook vienna sasuage with about almost anything!

Have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even a late night snack. It’s great for camping trips, beach limes and parties. It’s also a life saver  for those of us who . . .  let’s put it this way . . . avoid actually cooking meals!

Some folks add onions, pimentos, garlic, ketchup, baked beans, corn beef . . . whew . . . that’s just to name a few. The point? Don’t leave Trinidad without trying VIENNA SAUSAGE trini style!

If ever you visit Thanna’s Place, ask Anna to make you her special recipe! Trust me, it’s worth it! And tell her you want fresh coconut bake with that! And oh . . . here’s some inside information . . . tell her a lil birdy told you that she makes a serious Barbadine Punch!

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