Trinidad Food – Five Must Have Street Delicacies!

If it’s one thing Trinis love – it’s food. And they’re known for their ‘sweet hand’. So if you’re visiting Sweet TnT, we recommend you try these popular Trinidadian Street delicacies.

Corn Soup

It’s not just corn and broth. No way. This Trini dish comes with dumplings, provision, split peas, pumpkin and for those brave enough, cow heel! Of course, anything made in Trini comes with an explosion of flavours. In addition to some local seasonings you’ll find that each corn soup vendor has their own ‘secret ingredient’. But as the saying goes, “sometimes, it’s better not knowing’.

This dish goes hand-in-hand with another thing that Trinis love . LIMING! A great limers dish for a football match, river lime and a must have at Carnival events like Panorama in the Savannah!

Quick Tip – Add some homemade pepper and make sure it’s pipping hot. Sip slowly and enjoy the many flavours!


I’m tempted to say this Trini dish is a typical breakfast favorite but I’ve been informed that this is one of the most “sought-after street delicacies in Trinidad”. No matter the time of the day, you must find a “Doubles Man” somewhere. Made of two fried flat pieces of dough ‘wrapped up’ with lightly curried channa, a host of local sauces and seasonings, this quick on-the-go wrap is guaranteed to “full yuh belly!”

Most Trinis have their favorite “Doubles Man” but don’t worry they aren’t hard to find. Once you see a long line, something is tasting good!

Quick Tip – There is just something about eating a doubles on the spot. It’s a different taste when you take away.


In recent times Gyro Vans have been popping up all over Trinidad. A typical Syrian-Lebanese dish, this wrap comes with almost any kind of meat and of course, plenty garlic! We’re in Trinidad though, so you will find that many vendors have adapted their own twist of local ingredients and sauces. So if you’re thinking you’ve tried a Gyro before, be warned. You haven’t tried a Trinidadian Gyro.

Quick Tip – If you’re visiting the popular Aripita Avenue Night Strip, be sure to try one of the Gyro Vendors.

Pig Foot Souse

Not for the faint at heart and definitely not for vegetarians. This cold pickled soup uses the less savory parts of an animal, typically pig or chicken feet. Of course after being seasoned with some fresh local seasonings you won’t be so quick to judge by looks!

Quick Tip – Pigfoot Souse is known to be good for Hangovers

“A peek at the Souse King” with Andrew Zimmern’s, Bizarre Foods

Trinidad Punch

If you’re looking for an energy kick, skip the Redbull, skip the Monster. Try a Trinidad Punch. You have many choices of local fruits – from Barbadine to Soursop to ingredients like linseed and seamoss. And not to worry about special diets. You have a choice of sugar free and lactose free drinks!

Inside scoop – If you’re thinking you can make your own punch at home, trust us, it’s not the same!

Welcome to food paradise!

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