Trinidad Food – Is it Shark & Bake or Bake & Shark?

“All time top ten favourite foods . . . not just of this trip . . . not just of this year . . . EVER!” – (Andrew Zimmern ‘Bizarre Foods’)

For those who have not yet seen this fish sandwich featured on Bizarre Foods (Travel Channel), your ‘favourite foods’ list is about to be reshuffled!

Now, the actual Bake and Shark is not what tastes great. It’s the plethora of condiments that comes next! And we’re not talking about mustard, tomato ketchup or mayonnaise!

Be adventurous! Here’s how we make our Bake and Shark! You’re allowed the usual lettuce, tomato and cucumber. But you must add the Tambrine Sauce, Garlic Sauce, Chadon Beni, Tartar Sauce, Chutney and hot pepper for the really adventurous ones! Top it off with some pineapple and get ready for an explosion of flavours.

It’s no wonder the world famous food expert describes it as “the best fish sandwich I’ve ever eaten and I’m as serious as a heart attack”

Quick Tip: Some people say too many different sauces will spoil the taste. Here’s the thing, the more, the better! And whatever doesn’t fit on the sandwich, take it to go!

We recommend: Richards Bake & Shark (Maracas)

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