Trinidad Food – Mangoes ‘Simple pleasures in Life!’

This week we step away from the heavy ‘Trini’ food and take some time to appreciate a small fruit that ‘sweet for days’–Mango. Now, we’re not talking about those oversized, overgrown, green sour ones that some groceries import from who knows where.

Na! We’re talking about some good old ‘neighbour backyard mangoes’! Once you’re in Trinidad around mango season (June – September), do yourself a big favor and try some of our local varieties. We suggest: Mango Julie, Mango Vere, Calabash Mango, Starch Mango and Mango Dou Doux. As to how they got their names, that’s a whole other story! But one thing is true–Trinis LOVE their Mango!

“Did You Know: The mango is often referred to as “King of Fruits” and is native to the Indian subcontinent from where it spread all over the world. It is one of the most cultivated fruits of the tropical world. It is recognized and honoured by the Government of India as the National Fruit of India. It is also the National Fruit of Philippines and Pakistan.”

Well, it may not be a national fruit here in ‘Trini’ but that isn’t going to stop you from experiencing what I like to call “The Mango Zone!”

This is what you have to do. Find the nearest fruit vendor (not the groceries please) and buy two heaps of mangoes (I like to use Mango Dou Doux) Then rock back in front the TV or sitting in a rocking chair in the porch, ‘cock up’ ya feet high, bowl full of mangoes and just start to devour. And don’t mind you have mango all over your mouth and hands, that’s how you suppose to eat it! BUT we must warn! Keep an eye out to see who coming to beg for one. And if they do, say,

“Na, not my sweet mangoes!”



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