Trinidad’s National Instrument – The sweet Steelpan

It’s a Golden Jubilee for Trinidad’s Panorama Steelpan competition. No new comer to Trinidad’s Carnival celebrations, this year marks the 50th anniversary of this popular festivity which draws spectators and players alike from all corners of the earth. The anniversary has been dedicated to ace pan tuner, the late Bertie Marshall, known in the steel pan world as ‘the tuner’s tuner’!

Over the years, much effort has gone into the development of what is called the ‘National Instrument of Trinidad and Tobago’– the Steelpan.  From its early beginning, which saw a less organised and more helter skelter show, this Carnival trademark has evolved into well structured performances, showcasing the audile beauty of this instrument and the dexterity of the pan-men, pan-women and young ones.

This year’s competition is already promising to be top quality. With the preliminaries of the Single pan, medium and large Pan already completed, we’re looking forward to Pan-Trinbago’s National Finals for Panorama 2013.

If you’re in town for Carnival 2K13, we highly suggest a visit to the ‘The Big Yard’ (Queen’s Park Savannah) on Semi Final Sunday. 

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