Vacationing with children in Trinidad and Tobago

We all know how the story goes . . . Year after year . . . we plan a fun family vacation. The first couple days are great . . . then . . . the kids get bored . . . and miserable . . . and they bug you all day long . . . and suddenly . . . your perfect family vacation isn’t so perfect any more.

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Here is our ‘family – kids – toddler – baby – proof’ all-in-one guide to vacationing in Trinidad and Tobago!

What not to pack

  • Medicine? Check! – there are lots of Pharmacies in TnT as well as several state-of-the-art medical centres that are able to facilitate international patients. (N.B – you should take necessary precautions for children with special prescriptions, etc)
  • Food? Check! – We’ve got supermarkets, mini marts, fast food chains and international restaurants. And yes, there are all the candies, sweets, drinks and alike that you’ll find abroad.
  • Baby stuff? Check! – Huggies, Johnson’s, Aveeno, Vaseline, Mrs. Meyer’s . . . all aboard!

What to pack

  • Favorite blanky, pillow, story book, crayons, colouring books.
  • Inflatable toys, beach buckets, favourite teddy, etc.
  • Gaming devices, Ipod, Ipad, portable DVD, laptop and other electronic thingamajigs.
  • Clothing for kids? You’re good to go with lots of underwear, cool shorts and tshirts, comfortable well ventilated footwear and several bathing suits.

And viola! To think . . . no need to travel with bags and bags . . . and bags . . . As the locals would say, “Yuh travel with yuh house and land boy!”

To be continued . . . What to do with children while vacationing in Trinidad and Tobago (Get Wet!)

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