Vacationing with children in Trinidad and Tobago (Get Wet)

After months of research and planning, you’ve finally decided on the perfect destination for your family . . . things should go well . . . perfect spot . . . nice place to stay . . . suitcases are packed . . . and you’re convinced that you’ll get a pat on the back after this trip!

Let’s make sure that happens. Here are some fun activities and adventures for children and families while visiting Trinidad and Tobago!

Get Wet . . . Get Wild . . . Get Wacky!

Get Wet – After all, TnT is made up of islands . . . you should get wet at some point! 

  • A visit to Tobago is a must! What are some fun activities for families and kids in Tobago?
    1. Buccoo Reef and Nylon Pool. View the underwater world safely from a glass-bottom boat as well as swim in the Nylon Pool, a shallow lagoon in the middle of the ocean!
    2. With some of the best reefs in the Caribbean, snorkeling in Tobago is one of the more popular activities. Best snorkeling spots in Tobago? Basically, anywhere on the North, West and Southern coasts.
    3. Waterfall anyone? Argyle Falls it is then! Pack enough food, snacks and drinks for the day and enjoy the 175 ft tumbling waterfall! Not to worry, there are shallow pools for the young ones.

New attraction: Swim and Ride with the horses! YEAH!

  • There is no competing with Tobago . . . but  . . . Trinidad’s beaches have there own attraction.
    1. Maracas Bay – Perfect for an entire day out with the family. There are restrooms, showers, drinks, coastguards, public transportation, beach sports, souvenir shops and oh! The best sandwich in the entire world! Bake and Shark.

Additional attraction: Make sure to stop off at the Maracas Lookout. Lots of local fruit, sweets, candy and preservatives! Kids love it!

  • Chaguaramas Recreational Park . . . the fun never stops here . . . basically you pack a bag . . . pack the kids up . . . and head west . . . plan to spend the day.
    1. How to get wet? Kayaking . . . Dragon Boating . . . Hike to several waterfalls . . .Down d’ Islands Tours . . . Gasparee Caves . . . whewww……
    2. Water sports . . . any kind . . . Trini style . . . 


To be  continued . . . Fun activities for kids while vacationing in Trinidad and Tobago (Get Wild)

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