What makes Trinidad and Tobago unique?

All Trinbagonians would agree that life in Trinidad and Tobago ‘sweet too bad’! But what really makes TnT so unique?

  • D’ food – Hardly likely that anyone would disagree. Trinidad and Tobago’s cuisine is not only unique but it JUST TASTE SO GOOD!  Yummm . . . TnT is the home of Doubles, the most “sought-after street delicacy” and our

    World Famous Bake and Shark

    world famous Bake and Shark sandwich from Maracas Bay is enough to make you return to our shores sooner than you planned. Not to mention local seasoning that give our food that special kick! By the way . . . did you know TnT’s Moruga Scorpion Pepper is ranked as the hottest in the world? Ouch!

  • D’ people – With a population of about 1.3 million, TnT’s rich heritage is reflected in the variety of music, festivals, dress and religious practices of its people. From the festivities of Carnival, the greatest show on earth, to the century-old goat and crab races of Tobago to the festival of lights, Diwali, at any given moment and at any time of the year you’ll find a lot of activities taking place in Sweet TnT!
  • Celebration of Light - Diwali

    D’ places – Would you like to visit the largest Pitch Lake in the world? Or maybe scuba dive to the biggest Brain coral formation in the Western hemisphere? From dry land to deep below the ocean, whether night or day, TnT has a lot to offer. Choose to relax in Tobago’s quiet beaches or explore Trinidad’s many hiking trails. What about some night life? Check out the Woodbrook area in Port of Spain. At night it comes alive with music, great food and lots of people having a great time!

But don’t take it from us! Come experience TnT for yourself . . . we’re waiting for you!

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