Where to eat in Trinidad and Tobago?

Grilled Shrimp Skewers

What makes living in Trinidad so ‘sweet’? FOOD . . . FOOD AND MORE FOOD, among many other things of course!

It’s true, Trinis love to cook food, eat food and sharing? That’s not a problem! So if you’re travelling to Trinidad and Tobago don’t rob yourself of this gastronomical experience of a lifetime.

Fried Bake and Saltfish Buljol

But what is Trinidadian cuisine? Well the culinary scene of Trinidad and Tobago is as diverse as its people and culture. From the introduction of cassava and other staple dishes by the native Amerindians to the flavorable spices and curries brought by the indentured Indians to ‘blue food recipes’ inherited by our African descendants, we are 100% sure that you’ll find your new favorite dish when you visit ‘Sweet Trinidad and Tobago!’

To help you find your way to around, check out these helpful websites (click on the links)!

Where to eat in Trinidad and Tobago

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