Things to do in Trinidad – Pot Spoon Throw Down

The Pot Spoon Throw Down concept was developed in 2010 and brings together a variety of  Trinidad’s culinary flavours which is second to none in the Caribbean. Amerindian, African, Indian, Spanish, Dutch and French influences, just to name a few–WOW!

Depending on which village or town you visit in Trinidad and Tobago, you are sure to get a different flavour and experience a different spin on signature local dishes. This is the idea behind Pot Spoon Throw Down.

For 2012, the festival has already highlighted delightful fish dishes out of Toco, pork dishes out of Sangre Grande and placed the spotlight on the Indian influences from the village of Penal in the south of Trinidad.

On Sunday 8th July, it’s off to the village of Lopinot in east Trinidad where Spanish Cuisine will be on plates everywhere and then to the fishing village of Mayaro where seafood and coconut based dishes will be on the menu on Sunday 15th July, 2012.

The aim of Pot Spoon Throw Down is to develop the community culinary tourism niche and promote community development. All teams in the culinary competition, and the food concessionaires, are drawn from the community and benefit from culinary and health and safety training provided by the Tourism Development Company Limited.

Local farmers, artisans and performers are also invited to get involved in the staging of the event in an effort to create a truly authentic community experience. Visit both venues between the hours of 11am and 6pm and you will be sure to get some of the best tasting dishes in Trinidad and Tobago as well as enjoy exciting displays of the area’s culture, produce, crafts and culinary skills.




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